An Autumn and a Winter walk into a [coffee] bar...

...and spend hours talking about color. Seriously! We hadn't seen each other in a while (we had both just had babies), and yet our main topic of conversation was COLOR! After experiencing the power of color analysis, neither of us could keep it off our minds. 

Kirsten went as far as joining House of Colour and has been seeing clients for color and style analysis since July 2021. 

Mel has always had a passion for trends and fashion with over a decade of experience in the buying and merchandising industry.

We saw for ourselves that wearing our colors brought out the best in our appearance, but sometimes our colors were hard to find! 

Our unique skillsets combined with our shared passion for color & fashion led us to envision a boutique where women could shop confidently, knowing the items were sorted by season and verified by a House of Colour consultant. 

Our #hellocolorcrew is a community of color-loving women who support and encourage each other to stand out by embracing their best colors and authentic style. 

Our purpose is to empower women to authentically, confidently, effortlessly live in color.

This is just the beginning...!